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What are the benefits of having a professional skin treatment?

Firstly, it means getting your skin analysed with Face Mapping Skin Analysis whilst your skin is bare of makeup by our therapists that are experts in their field, with over 23 years of combined experience. The analysis allows your therapist to identify any skin conditions or concerns. They can then cater to your skin’s unique needs – whether you struggle with enlarged pores, dehydration or hyperpigmentation – through advanced treatments and a personalised prescription for home care products. More than just pampering; Winslow Skincare treatments are 100% personalised and focused on achieving results.

One-to-one time creates an opportunity for your therapist to provide professional advice and skin tips. And during the consultation, you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have. Part of getting a skin treatment with us is learning how to care for your skin properly at home. We always provide individual, prescriptive treatments and plans. Most importantly, you will learn which products or ingredients work best for your skin type and how to care for your skin at home, so you can maintain the results of your skin treatment at home.

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