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What is Caci Wrinkle Comb?



CACI Wrinkle Revolution

What is CACI and why is it different to other anti ageing skin treatments?

CACI uses a series of electrical pulses through Microcurrent to stimulate the many muscles on your face. It is likened to a gym workout for your face.

Although this treatment is relaxing, the main purpose of the treatment is much more practical as it offers real anti ageing benefits with visible results every time. There is less massage in this treatment and more electrotherapy.  This said, I have many clients who regularly fall asleep during the treatment so it is surprisingly relaxing!


wrinkle comb

What is Wrinkle Comb?

The latest addition to this award winning CACI treatment is the Caci Wrinkle Comb.

The wrinkle comb has five needle like prongs which are even spaced. These needle like prongs are covered with a plastic cover so you do not feel the sensation of a needle.  This comb is applied to the dip in your skin where you an expression line eg frown line or the Gordon Ramsay “tram lines”!  The wrinkle comb is left in the “line” for a few seconds and this action is repeated several times

wrinkle comb results

How does it work?

The wrinkle comb combines red and blue LED photo stimulation with high frequency microcurrent. These technologies help to plump out lines and wrinkles, providing a needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers.



How does it feel?

Microcurrent mimics the body’s own electrical current so its virtually subsensory.  A slight sensation may be felt from time to time but its certainly painless.

What is the benefit of this treatment?

It targets deep lines and wrinkles, such as crows feet or laughter lines, plumping out these lines with visible results after just one treatment

How many treatments do I need?

A course of 10 treatments is recommended for a permanent result with top up maintenance treatments every 6 weeks.

What happens if I cease to have the treatments, what happens to my skin?

Your skin will simply to return to its original appearance

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Maria Winslow

Maria is passionate about skin. She is genuinely interested in curing skin conditions, and loves to help her clients look their best. She says, ‘I offer a professional approach, based on informing and interacting with clients, which sadly can be lacking elsewhere in the beauty industry. I believe this sets Winslow Skincare apart.’

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