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Luscious Lips for Christmas with Caci Haywards Heath


CACI an award winning anti-ageing treatment

Would you like lips looking juicy and luscious?  We have the answer, here at Winslow Skincare, Haywards Heath.


What is CACI and why is it different to other anti ageing skin treatments?

CACI is a skin treatment using a series of electrical pulses through Microcurrent to stimulate the muscles on your face.  The treatment using Microcurrent was originally used to treat Bells Palsy and stroke patients to return the muscles of the face back to their original position and Caci brought this technology to the skincare industry over 20 years ago with great success.   Now Caci is often likened to a gym workout on your face.

Why is it different?

Although it is relaxing the focus is very firmly on results with a visible result each time.

wrinkle comb


How is the treatment performed?

It is performed using the new CACI  Wrinkle Comb and red LED Light therapy. It is totally painless and you feel very little at all, it is surprisingly relaxing!


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What is Wrinkle Comb?

The wrinkle comb has five needles encased in a plastic cover so you do not feel needles. The comb is applied to the dip in your skin where you have an expression line or deep line above your lips. The wrinkle comb is left on the skin for 4-5 seconds and this is repeated in the same position 5 times.

How does it work?

The wrinkle comb combines red and blue LED photo stimulation with high frequency microcurrent. These technologies help to plump out lines and wrinkles, providing a needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers.


Do you use any products with the treatment?

The CACI award winning Amino Lift Peptide is used together with the Wrinkle comb to carry out the treatment

wrinkle comb results

How long does it take? and how many treatments do I need?

Each treatment takes 20 mins and a course of 6 is recommended with two per week if possible.

What results should I expect to see

Your lips will be instantly plumped and any lines around the lips usually associated with smoking, will be softened following the treatment giving you the perfect party pout!

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Maria Winslow

Maria is passionate about skin. She is genuinely interested in curing skin conditions, and loves to help her clients look their best. She says, ‘I offer a professional approach, based on informing and interacting with clients, which sadly can be lacking elsewhere in the beauty industry. I believe this sets Winslow Skincare apart.’

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