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Our skin ages every day when it is exposed to UV rays and our environment. Following significant developments and research, it has been established that with the correct treatments and products you can protect and reverse the signs of ageing, creating a more youthful appearance using non invasive safe treatments and products with active ingredients.

PhytoNature Firming Serum – why it’s the best serum yet!

Maria speaks about the NEW Phyto Nature Firming Serum from Dermalogica and why its one of their most exciting launches yet!

It contains
⭐Next Generation Hylauronic Acid
⭐Phyto Peptides
⭐Vitamin A

And so much more! It’s Dermalogica first 2 in 1 serum and is a great success at Winslow! To purchase the serum comment below or come and visit us at Winslow!

Micro-Needling West Sussex

Micro-Needling West Sussex

Micro-Needling West Sussex | What is RejuvaPen? One of the most advanced skin treatments to be performed by a skin therapist, Rejuvapen (Micro-Needling West Sussex) uses micro-needles to create micro perforations into the top layer of the skin and into the deeper layers (epidermis and dermis). As a result your skin’s natural healing response kicks […]

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Micro-Needling Haywards Heath

Micro-Needling Haywards Heath

Micro-Needling Haywards Heath   Micro-Needling Haywards Heath In a nutshell, the RejuvaPen uses micro-needling to create tiny holes in the skin, stimulating a healing response and therefore fresh and collagen and elastin rushes to the skin’s surface. It takes 1hr 45 mins and targets the following skin concerns: Fines lines and wrinkles Deeper lines and wrinkles Pigmentation […]

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Rollering…a reminder for all our clients

A little reminder for all our clients who have purchased the CIT Roller from Environ, from Winslow Skincare and maybe have been a little lax on using it at home! This video is a gentle reminder to dig your roller out from the back of the bathroom cupboard and start using it again! In this […]

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RejuvaPen treatment at Winslow Skincare

In today’s video, our therapist Maria has RejuvaPen treatment! She goes through 🌟What she is expecting from the treatment 🌟During the treatment – how it looks 🌟 After the treatment – what her skin looks like immediately after and how she felt! Also our therapist Chloe goes through the After Care kit that you receive […]

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Eye Drops

Are eye drops damaging the skin around your eyes?

Did you know the damage eye drops could be doing to your eyes? Well neither did we until Elle told us! Eye drops could be making your already sensitive and delicate eyes more prone to pigmentation and redness! Watch our video to find out more! Keep an eye out  (no pun!) for Elle’s next video, […]

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CryoPen Haywards Heath

Cryo Pen Haywards Heath – Introductory Offer

CryoPen Haywards Heath **Introductory Offer** The CyroPen is the new, non-invasive and completely safe method of permanently removing pigmentation, skin tags and other skin imperfections. It is fast, effective and safe with no needles or injections involved and if safe enough to even use on children. Book Online Here no return visit – results after […]

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