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Skincare Rollers

A guide to rollering with Maria

  In this video our therapist Maria goes through the three different rollers that we offer at Winslow CIT Roller from Environ https://shop.winslowskincare.co.uk/collections/environ-tools/products/cosmetic-roll-cit Stamper from Environ https://shop.winslowskincare.co.uk/collections/environ-tools/products/cosmetic-focus-cit Gold Roller from Environ https://shop.winslowskincare.co.uk/collections/environ-tools/products/cosmetic-gold-roll-cit All rollers are available to shop using the…

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ProSkin 60

What is a ProSkin 60 treatment? How is it different to a Dermalogica facial?

One of the most common questions we get from clients is, how is a ProSkin 60 or 30 different to a Dermalogica Prescription Skin Treatment? We answer that question, and more, in today's video blog.

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