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Skincare Rollers

A guide to rollering with Maria

  In this video our therapist Maria goes through the three different rollers that we offer at Winslow CIT Roller from Environ https://shop.winslowskincare.co.uk/collections/environ-tools/products/cosmetic-roll-cit Stamper from Environ https://shop.winslowskincare.co.uk/collections/environ-tools/products/cosmetic-focus-cit Gold Roller from Environ https://shop.winslowskincare.co.uk/collections/environ-tools/products/cosmetic-gold-roll-cit All rollers are available to shop using the…

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Skincare Cleansers

Cleansing – the do’s and don’ts

Learn more about the skincare basics with Maria and Elle, in this video Maria and Elle go through their cleansing routines with Dermalogica and Environ products and the common cleansing mistakes that most clients are making. To purchase any of…

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ProSkin 60

What is a ProSkin 60 treatment? How is it different to a Dermalogica facial?

One of the most common questions we get from clients is, how is a ProSkin 60 or 30 different to a Dermalogica Prescription Skin Treatment? We answer that question, and more, in today's video blog.

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