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If your skin is showing signs of itchiness, flakiness or obvious redness, its likely you have sensitized skin. New scientific research has unearthed a new trigger behind sensitized skin which is linked to our nervous system to which stress is a major contributor.

How inflammation leads to pigmentation

🔥 Inflammation = Pigmentation 🔥

Did you know that if you suffer from inflammation it can be leading to more permanent pigmentation. Just another fun fact from Elle at Winslow Skincare this week!  Learn more about inflammation and the permanent damage it can be doing to your skin! If you would like to put a stop to your inflammation on your skin then contact us at Winslow for a skincare consultation and find out how you can start the journey to great skin!

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Multi Vit masque and tea

Face-Masquing: What’s the buzz about?

Face-Masquing: What’s the buzz about? Social networks are buzzing with the latest trend in skin care– multi-masking. It’s time-saving, great for skin health and dermatologist (and Dermalogica!) approved. But what is it? Multi-Masquing or Facemasquing as it’s known at Dermalogica combines multiple masques in one application, for example apply a clay based masque to combat […]

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Guest Blog by Clara Smart: Evening skincare routine for Dry Skin

Guest Blog: Evening skincare routine for Dry Skin Compared to the rest of skin types dry skin requires frequent moisturizing and hydration to look smooth, shiny and beautiful. However, it’s the simplest thing you need to do to take care of your skin. Dry skin demands different skincare routines depending on the season and time […]

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