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What is ChromaTherapy?

ChromoTherapy is based on LED Light Therapy. It is a completely holistic, non invasive, powerful therapy to encourage the body to begin to heal itself using coloured lamps to stimulate and activate or calm and decongest the skin and muscles.

How do our cells react to ChromaTherapy?

Each cell of your body has a component called a Mitochondrion. These contain the energy need for each cell to function. The role of the Mitochondrion is to use oxygen to produce energy. This energy is called Adenoisine Tri-Phosphate (ATP).

Under LED Light Therapy, the ATP, in other words, the energy in each cell is increased. When this occurs, the cell finds it easier to absorb nutrients from the body. More nutrients will produce healthier, stronger cells.

The skin cells then absorb the information from the coloured light. There are four colours and the cells react according to the colour of the light, the wavelength and frequency. This stimulates intercellular communication resulting in cell rejuvenation.

How do hormones affect our skinIs it new?

No Colour Therapy has been used with great success for thousands of years. The first modern documented use of colour in this way was in 530BC by Pythagoras. In recent years, this technology has been developed into ChromoTherapy and has been researched by NASA

Is it painful?

ChromaTherapy is absolutely pain-free and in most cases, sensation-free. Some clients report feeling a mild warming or cooling sensation on the area being treated. In either case, your treatment will be comfortable and pleasant

How many treatments will I require?

This is dependant on our reasons for having the treatment. A course of treatments is recommended and shorter treatments taken over a short space of time will yield a better result than long treatments taken sporadically.

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