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Why is it important to use SPF every day?

sunprotWhat is SPF?  It is Sun Protection Factor

Why should I use SPF? to protect against UV light.

What is UV light? There are three types of UV light. UVA, UVB and UVC.

UVB is the ray that will cause sunburn

UVC is totally absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere so there is no danger to the skin.

UVA is the ray that is the most concerning as UVA is all around us, rain, sun or shine.  It penetrates glass (even reflective glass) and also water.  It penetrates the lower layers of the skin through to the dermis, mutating cells as they are being formed in the lower dermis. The UVA ray is now seen as a trigger and cause of the worst forms of skin cancer.

How can I protect against damaging UV rays?  There is a common misconception that wearing a product with SPF protection will act as a shield to UVA rays. It is essential that you check that your sunscreen product contains Broad Spectrum sun protection which will shield against UVA and UVB rays.

How does SPF work?       Sun protection factor works by reflecting the direct sunlight off your skin utilising titanium or zinc dioxide. They work like mirrors to reflect off the UVB rays to avoid sun burn.  Although sunburn can look unsightly, the epidermal turnover every 28-45 days ensures that your skin sheds a layer so although you are burnt, your skin will shed the top layers so you will naturally lose this skin.

Any problems with wearing SPF?  Although your skin is protected by wearing a sunscreen, remember that if your sunscreen product or skincare product is not Broad Spectrum,  it will allow the UVA ray to penetrate your skin.    Check your product to ensure it is Broad Spectrum protection.

Am I safe in the water?  UVA rays penetrate water so you should still apply broad spectrum sunscreen as usual. Further, these dangerous rays can be reflected off the water directly onto your face and body, increasing the potential for damaging your skin.

How much should I use?  For optimum coverage, use a teaspoon for the face and two tablespoons for the body and reapply every two hours. Avoid Midday sun

 What would I recommend you use? I would suggest using a daily moisturiser with SPF 30  and using a water resistant, broad spectrum SPF 50 sun protection cream whilst on holiday. Remember to apply every two hours.

Finally … I would suggest using a post sun recovery treatment balm after sun cream to instantly comfort and help reduce pain from UV overexposure.




Maria Winslow

Maria is passionate about skin. She is genuinely interested in curing skin conditions, and loves to help her clients look their best. She says, ‘I offer a professional approach, based on informing and interacting with clients, which sadly can be lacking elsewhere in the beauty industry. I believe this sets Winslow Skincare apart.’

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