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Commuter Skincare Hacks

Skincare on the go!


Commuters are creating a new breed of skin care. With 2/3 of commuters admitting to applying make-up and skincare products on their way to work and a further 22% admitting to touching their makeup on the go, this skincare trend is certainly not standing still.

With the average journey to work taking 45 minutes and the UK having the longest commutes in Europe (possibly due to extended train journey times…) This leaves time conscious commuters plenty of time to create that fresh-faced glow.

Below we have listed out some of the most ingenious beauty and skincare hacks we have come across in recent months. Winslow Skincare is located just a two-minute walk from the train station so lots of our clients commute and these are some of their top tips!

Clean Queen: Anti-bacterial is a must 

Trains, buses and tubes are not renowned as the cleanest places and if even if you wash your hands before leaving the house you are likely to touch at least one handrail or seat before applying products directly to your skin. So, wash your hands before you leave, avoid holding onto handrails and touching too many public surfaces and then when you do sit down always apply hand sanitizer (gel or wipes…or both!) and also keep a tissue handy as well.

Lighting: Please don’t do a Bridget Jones

We all remember that famous scene in Bridget Jones when she applies her blusher in the back of the taxi, on the way to Mr Darcey’s big gala dinner, only to exit the cab, greet her beloved and be told that she needs to go the bathroom to fix her badly applied make-up! Unless you would like a similar scenario when you next go to work always check the lighting before you apply any coloured face products, that includes foundation, bronzer, blusher, highlighter and eye shadow. Just as Bridget found out, what might look fine to you in your pocket mirror and badly lit transport may not look as perfect in normal lightning.

bridget jones - blusher

Mascara: To do or not to do

This is a big debate that any well-versed commuter is aware of, however, if you are brave enough to attempt mascara on the go then always go for a travel size mascara, the smaller bottle and short wand make it much easier to handle and gives you more control over application, but please do be careful! We won’t want anyone to injury themselves or fellow passenger!

With 2/3 commuters reporting that they do their makeup on the go, 75% of them also reported a cosmetic mishap of some description occurring at least once or twice. So a word of warning, if you do try to apply mascara, eyeliner or any other detailed makeup or skincare application, do so when standing still. Maybe on the platform or whilst waiting for your train, bus or tube.

cosmetics 1

Rollerball fragrance: don’t gas your fellow passenger

 As much I am sure you love your perfume or deodorant your fellow passenger may not. Rollerball fragrance and roll-on deodorant are a must whilst travelling and much easier and more discrete to apply.

roller ball fragrance

Don’t retreat to the bathroom

Public toilets are among some of the most unhygienic places yet some of us still happy retreat here to apply your skincare and make-up products without curious onlookers. Please don’t! Trust me when I say you don’t want any of the bacteria that live in public toilets anywhere near your skin!

Travel Sticks and Applicators

In terms of travel, there is one make-up product I highly recommend, designed for the commuter and time-poor busy professional women, stick applicators. The perfect tool for applying on the go with precision and accuracy. And if possible try one that acts as a 2 in 1 e.g. bronzer and concealer or blusher and brush so that you have the minimum possible to carry around with you all day.

stick applicators

Do a trial runs are a must!

Always do a quick trial run at home before attempting your makeup and skincare routine on the train, bus, tram or tube. Check that you can hold all products easily in one hand, leaving the other hand free to applicate (or hold a mirror) and always pack your make-up bag the night before, checking that all products are correctly sealed and will not leak everywhere!

Happy Commuting!


Elle Winslow

Elle specializes in CACI and Skincare makeup at Winslow Skincare. She is passionate about skin and always strives to achieve the best possible results for her clients. Her favourite treatment is the CACI Ultra as she loves the brilliant results it shows after just one treatment!

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