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Men’s 5 Top Tips For Shaving

Men’s 5 Top Tips for Shaving

Men’s 5 Top Tips for Shaving! At Winslow Skincare all our treatments are unisex, suitable for both men and women. However, we recognize that men’s skin is different. Primarily because it under goes, almost daily, a severe form of mechanical exfoliation; also known as…shaving.

Shaving can cause irritation, sensitivity, redness, razor burn, ingrown hairs and a variety of other conditions that female skin will never experience. So at this week’s blog post is for the guys, our Men’s 5 Top Tips for Shaving!

1. Banish the bumps.

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs form when hair emerges from one hair follicle, turns, then enters an adjacent follicle. Using an exfoliating cleanser such as Dermalogica’s Daily Clean Scrub will help prevent in growing hairs, keeping razor bumps at bay. (If you have sensitive skin, try exfoliating at night and shaving in the morning.)

Exfoliating cleansers are great for men


2. Go with the grain.

Shaving against the direction of hair growth can increase the chances of ingrown hair and razor burn. You’re better off shaving with the grain. Not sure how to figure out which way your hair grows? The best time to determine the pattern of your beard is to run your hand along beard growth approximately one to three days after shaving.

5 Top Tips for Shaving

3. Rinse your razor.

Every time. To get a closer shave, make sure you rinse the blade clean before each stroke. The more buildup accumulates in your razor, the patchier your results will be.

Banish the Bumps

4. Regular facials.

The average man shaves 14,000 times in his lifetime! But do you know how many times the average man has a facial? You guessed, it’s much less! However facials and facial treatments such as CACI for men provide a whole lot more than a simple confidence boost. They help improve facial muscle tone, provide much-needed stress relief, and facilitate vastly improved skin health.

Non Surgical Face Lift for Men

5. Sun protection.

Shaving in its most basic form is a mechanical exfoliation of the skin, that means for 6 months of the year men are doing nothing but exfoliating their skin! Revealing all those new skin cells is great for a healthy glow however without SPF protection they are more likely to be damaged by UV rays, so our top tip for all men today is to use a moisture with SPF 30 or above to protect their skin

Regular SPF is essential

Elle Winslow

Elle specializes in CACI and Skincare makeup at Winslow Skincare. She is passionate about skin and always strives to achieve the best possible results for her clients. Her favourite treatment is the CACI Ultra as she loves the brilliant results it shows after just one treatment!

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