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Make Acupuncture, Your New Self-care Habit This Year | Acupuncture Haywards Heath

Make Acupuncture, your new self-care habit this year | Acupuncture Haywards Heath

Make Acupuncture, your new self-care habit | Acupuncture Haywards Heath

At New Year, inspired by fresh beginnings, we often pledge to give up unhealthy habits, so why not introduce a new healthy habit, the habit of self-care. Self-care has never been more important, so now is the time to include Acupuncture in your health care regime to benefit from the incredible effects of this ancient self-care therapy. Acupuncture can boost, restore and revive our system, giving us renewed energy and sparkle.

Acupuncture Haywards Heath

Have you heard about the positive health effects of acupuncture? | Acupuncture Haywards Heath

Evidence shows that Acupuncture is effective for improving mental and physical health. According to Chinese Medicine, imbalances of Qi (life force) create blockages or stagnation which appear in the body as pain, exhaustion, anxiety, low mood, women’s health problems, low immunity and many other issues. Through bespoke treatment plans, created according to your specific constitutional imbalances, your symptoms can reduce or disappear entirely.

While Acupuncture has incredible healing benefits when we are unwell, it is traditionally used in Asia as a preventative medicine or as an investment in maintaining health. As we say ‘prevention is better than cure’. Through having regular self-care acupuncture you can preserve and support your body and mind giving you the foundation and resources to stay fit and well.

Acupuncture Haywards Heath

Winter Immune Boosting acupuncture | Acupuncture Haywards Heath

Protect yourself throughout winter. During the cold months, we are at risk from seasonal pathogens such as viruses and flu as well as the effects of winter weather. Cold temperatures and wind can attack the surface of the skin weakening your natural defences. If left untreated, the problem may penetrate into deeper levels in the body. Try an immune boosting treatment to strengthen your system and prevent the effects of these attacks.

Acupuncture, heal your body naturally……

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