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Sports Massage

Here at Winslow we also offer Sports Massage with Lee Parnell Sports Massage. Lee works at Winslow on Monday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons. Book online today using the link below!

Sports Massage Haywards Heath

Here at Winslow, we offer sports massage treatments with Lee Parnell from Lee Parnell Sports Massage, who works with Winslow on Monday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons. Available to book online.

What treatments do I offer?

£55 for a single 45 Minute treatment or lots of clients go for a block of treatments, £275 for 6 individual 45-minute treatments.

Meet Lee…

Lee Parnell (LSSM Dip)Sports Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer.

As a Sports Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer, I’m interested in how people move and how and why their pain and injuries occur.

During treatment, my main aim is to promote quality movement of the muscles and joints in whichever way I can. I qualified in 2014 from the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) which is widely regarded as a leader in its field. I am passionate about all things health and fitness-related. I’m a keen runner and have also played a lot of Beach Volleyball in my time.

In May 2019 I was the Lead Sports Massage Therapist at the 2020 Olympic qualifying event held in London.

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