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Advanced micro-needling for pigmentation, anti-ageing and acne scarring. RejuvaPen is the latest in micro-needling technology and is totally safe and very comfortable

RejuvaPen Micro-Needling | 2 hours | £799 | Course of 3

The RejuvaPen is the latest in anti-ageing technology. It uses micro-needling to create amazing results on the skin and stimulates the skin’s healing response by creating tiny micro-perforations (or pricks) in the skin and that stimulates the skin’s natural healing response. New collagen and elastin to rush to the surface of the skin, creating incredible results for

  • lines and wrinkles
  • pigmentation
  • tightness and firmness
  • acne scars
  • pore size reduction

It uses just 12 micro-needles to create invisible pricks (micro-perforations) in the skin and causes the old collagen and elastin (connective tissue) to break down, therefore making way for the new.

Do I need a course and when do I see results?

For best results, you will need a course of 3 minimum, but clients with more serious concerns will need a course of 6. The treatment lasts for 1 hr 45 mins and there is 6 weeks inbetween each treatment to allow the skin to heal.

The results from RejuvaPen are progressive, so you’ll only see a result after your course of 3 or 6 treatments. However, your skin will look instantly brighter after each treatment. You’ll only need an annual top up after your course.

What to expect after your treatment?

Day 1-2 after treatment, there will be visible redness or pinkness on the skin (comparable to moderate sunburn). You can have a tiny bit of bruising around sensitive areas like the eyes. In some rare cases, you can sometimes have some minor swelling on the day of treatment.

Day 3 onwards the skin loses its redness, the skin will also feel tighter but can feel quite dry. Which is why we provide you with a home care kit that includes a hydrating serum.

Micro-Needling BeforeMicro-Needling After
RejuvaPen beforeRejuvaPen after
Micro-Needling Haywards Heath
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